RELEASED: 15/01/2016

As he keeps busy on D EDGE’s new sub label OLGA with a brand new artist album, boss man Renato Ratier also manages to serve up a hot new EP on the main label with Dynamic regard Stimming. The pair cook up two fine tracks that showcase both of their styles in all their glory.
Philosophy goes first and is a playful, loose limbed dance floor groover with parping blasts of sub bass, richly soulful pads and slow burning sense of crescendo that will really lift dancers up and carry them away. It is perfectly detailed and expertly produced to really jump out of the speakers and is sure to be a massive hit this summer in Brazil and beyond.
‘Conscious’ then flips the script and slows to a perfectly seductive crawl. Lazy drums, slow blasts of white noise and a poignant bassline all get backed by glowing pads and the overall effect is soothing, seductive and sensual.
This is a fine EP from two very talented producers and cements a long standing relationship in style.