RELEASED: 09/08/2013

Having made a considerable impression with his debut release on his own D-Edge Records, Brazilian DJ/producer Renato Ratier returns with a fresh dose of funk, this time courtesy of the ‘Lucky’ EP – his inaugural outing for Warung’s sister imprint. This time he enlists TQT to give the title track a title track; with the vocalist giving the record sheen not dissimilar to the sort the sadly departed Romanthony would deliver.

Meanwhile, the backing soundtrack compliments the lyrics perfectly, and is indicative of the sort of fair Ratier is making a name for, with its many layers and rich disco/house hybrid hues the sort of track that evokes the spirit of his native country.

There are three other originals here too, and each one is worth its weight in gold. ”Save my Day” features echoes of Kompakt-style pop/electronica, ”Raw Games” is full of emotive, casio synths and saunters with an energetic flair, while ”Rocking” perfectly channels the, well, ‘rocking’ sound of times gone by.

What’s more, each track here also offers a rich insight into Ratier’s debut LP, one that’s set to drop before the turn of the year. On this evidence, it’s one that should go down a storm with fans of lighthearted, albeit discerning electronica.