RELEASED: 14/10/2013

D-EDGE Records are proud to present Black Belt, the debut album from Brazilian DJ, producer, club and label boss Renato Ratier.

After emerging with some already impressive EPs, the time has now come for a full artistic statement that spans 17 tracks of slo mo electronics, deep house ambiance and tripped out, disco inflected grooves.Rather than this being a collection of dancefloor tracks, its more a carefully programmed journey that takes you up and down through many different moods and grooves, but all of them untied by Ratier’s analogue textures, unfamiliar hooks and futuristic melodies.

Opening with the found sound recordings and muffled ambiance of ‘Love Me Tokyo’ the album goes through the funky licks of ‘Jamaicanese’, the well-sampled ‘Midnight Sun’ and freewheel-ing deep house and ethereal melodies of ‘Teatime’. The latter half of the album points more towards the dancefloor with the title track’s knotted bassline, the deep and spaced out house hypnosis of ‘Fetisshu’ and plenty more besides. It’s a stunning debut from one of Brazil’s most important figures.